Staddus now offers a complete line of unique materials that have been developed to create an affordable medium for our innovative products and programs. The initial launch will include our flagship TILETAC® adhesive paper brand. The complete line of Cellfeez DIY products will then be introduced to the market. Our products are new and exciting!

PRINT them, TOUCH them, FEEL them, and PEEL the material. Stick them on all different surfaces over and over, ag­ain and again! You will be amazed with the different properties that our products have to offer. The products have been specifically developed to insure wide color gamut, lasting impressions, with the ease of application and removal.

Specific Programs Offered

  • Blank sheets and software is provided for retail sales on home or business inkjets for DIY programs

  • We also provide printing capabilities and software in various online strategies for fundraising opportunities. All you do is link to your “Make a Poster”page.

  • We provide printing capabilities and software for a full print module for any brand that would like to sell their licensed good on line. All you do is link to your “Home Décor” page.

Coming Soon

The complete line of DO- IT- YOURSELF
inkjet products that you print at home or office

Is Going To Change The World!!!

Made And Printed In The USA

  • B2B

  • Real

  • Licensed

  • Wall decor

  • Retail

  • Political Wayfinding

  • Designers

  • Displays

  • Constructiont

  • Fund Raising

  • Artists

  • Packaging

  • Advertisers

  • Manufacturing

  • Promotions

  • Prototypes

  • Events

  • Marketing

  • Photographs

  • Retail

Staddus corporate offices are located in Anaheim CA It has R&D labs, inkjet printers, digital equipment indigo to Heidelberg and complete design capabilities for any local or National rollout program.

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